Peyton Manning Reveals Expectations For 2 Star Quarterbacks

Peyton Manning’s two former NFL teams made huge trades for quarterbacks in this offseason. The Indianapolis Colts purchased Matt Ryan from Atlanta Falcons while the Denver Broncos signed Russell Wilson from Seattle Seahawks.

What does Manning think of the potential for the quarterbacks to take over the places he used to occupy? Manning stated that both quarterbacks will be in high demand during his Manning Passing Camp.

“It’s clear that there are expectations when you play quarterback in an NFL league. “I think Russell and Matt have high expectations for their own,” Manning stated at Friday’s annual ‘Manning Passing Camp. They want to work with the team, be on the same page, and help the team win. Both of them will be able to handle it.

He believes Matt Ryan needs a second chapter. Frank Reich could be a great coach and make a big impact.

“I spoke to them both kinda throughout the process and tried my best to be a resource for all quarterbacks,” Manning stated. Matt mentioned Atlanta and asked about Indy. That match was something I liked. It would have been great for Matt in the second chapter. I also thought it would have been great for the Colts. They are very close and have many pieces, so I thought it would make a good match for them. Frank Reich and he have really struck it off.”

Russell Wilson believes that the Broncos can be brought back to playoff contention by the Pro Bowl quarterback.

“And the same for Russell, right?” This is a new chapter in his life. Broncos players and fans are hungry. We’ve been in a bit of a drought over the last few years, and it’s now that we can get the Broncos back where they belong.

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