More Details Emerges From Cowboys’ Final Play Decision

A few days ago the Dallas Cowboys were defeated by the San Francisco 49ers in a heartbreaking loss.

With less than one minute remaining, the Cowboys trailed 23-17. It looked like they might have a chance at the endzone. Dallas made a fatal mistake with 13 seconds remaining.

The team opted to run a quarterback keeper with Dak Prescott. After sliding down with just over five seconds left on the clock, Prescott did not allow enough time for the officials to reset the ball.

The clock was running out, and the Cowboys were defeated. The controversial play was uncovered in the days that followed.

Mike McCarthy, head coach of the team, stated that there were two plays – Prescott’s running play and Prescott’s passing play. McCarthy claimed that the quarterback chose to go with the run play.

McCarthy said that Prescott was correct in handing the ball to his centre, and not the ref.

Prescott could have slid a few more yards earlier and the Cowboys would likely have another chance at scoring a touchdown. But he didn’t, and Dallas lost in the playoffs once again.

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