Roger Goodell discusses possibility of postponing NFL games due to COVID

This month, COVID-19 concerns have been raised across the NFL. This has led to concerns about postponing games in the event of more outbreaks.

Roger Goodell spoke on Wednesday about this, specifically the Saturday game between the Cleveland Browns and the Las Vegas Raiders. There are 18 players on the Reserve/COVID-19 roster in Cleveland.

It sounds as if the game is on.

Goodell stated that there has been no discussion about the postponement of the game via Pro Football Talk. “We are confident that with continued changes and adaptations through our protocols, we can achieve that,” Goodell said.

Goodell stated that the season would finish on schedule and that there wouldn’t be any changes to the schedule. He was also asked what criteria he would use to delay games.

Goodell stated that he doesn’t believe there is a number we can set. “You’ll be able to have flexibility with clubs, which is something we really focused on. We have larger rosters to support this. Now, we have 16 practice squad members. Our clubs have a lot more flexibility now that they can move players from the practice squad, but not off the injured reserve. These things have enabled clubs to ensure they are offering the best product possible.

“One thing that I find most surprising about this season is the level of competition. I believe that’s because we have the ability to manage pandemics with flexibility, which is something we’ve done the past two seasons at an extremely high level of competitiveness.

Numerous NFL teams are dealing with COVID-19 epidemics
The Browns are not the only NFL team suffering from a COVID-19 epidemic. The Washington Football Team has 18 players on its COVID-19 reserve list, eight of which were on Wednesday. In addition, the Los Angeles Rams have 16 players in COVID protocols.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter , seven teams — the Browns and Washington Football Team, Rams (with Washington Football Team), Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons. Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings — have been upgraded to COVID-19 protocols. Schefter reported that the NFL put 37 players on the reserve/COVID-19 roster Monday.

Week 15 begins Thursday night with the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Los Angeles Chargers. ET on FOX and NFL Network. This week, there are two Saturday games: Cleveland vs. Las Vegas, and the New England Patriots against the Indianapolis Colts.

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