Viral Video Shows CeeDee Lamb Getting Choked by Vikings Safety [WATCH]

Avideo shows CeeDee Lamb, the Dallas Cowboys receiver, appearing to be choked after he made a tackle. Lamb was catching a pass from Cedrick Wilson. Lamb confirmed Smith’s neck holding during a clip released the Cowboys.

Lamb described the incident as “Man was choking on the f ****** live out of me on a sideline.”

The Vikings didn’t have an answer to Lamb’s second-year receptions, which resulted in six receptions for 112 yard in Dallas’ victory over Minnesota.

Take a look at this clip.

McCarthy: “It’s Definitely A Play That We Looked At”

Mike McCarthy, Cowboys head coach, confirmed that the clip was one of the clips discussed internally by the team for possible review by the league. McCarthy didn’t elaborate on Smith’s dirty play.

McCarthy stated that “we get to send in plays each week,” during his November 3 press conference. You can only send in ten plays. It’s definitely a play we reviewed [and] discussed, yeah. That’s part of the officiating process.

Lamb Pushed Rush to Throw Him the Ball Instead of to Cooper

Amari Cooper, Cowboys receiver shared a humorous story about Lamb’s encounter during the crucial moment of the team’s win against the Vikings. Cooper Rush was being pushed by Lamb to draft a play for Cooper Rush, but Cooper rejected that suggestion.

“Oh yes, I meant as a receiver, so I thought I’d tell you a funny story. Well, I returned to the huddle. Cooper explained that he came back in because we were in November 1st. That means I was on the left side, which is the short side of field. Cooper Rush was told by CeeDee that he wanted the ball badly, and he was like “It’s double right, right?” That would place me on the right and him on his left. Cooper is like, nah, it’s double left bro. CeeDee said, “cool, you know, let’s get this.” I replied, “Hell nah”, because that’s how proud I have taken in wanting the ball in those crucial moments. I know that I can go up to make a play.

Cooper elaborated even more on the exchange after a reporter inquired if Lamb was trying steal his touchdown. Cowboys receiver Cooper explained that they are both competitive and would like the ball in critical situations.

Cooper smiled and said, “Oh yeah, for certain, he tried to take my touchdown,” Cooper smiled and said, “He wants to hold the ball in such a situation. That says a lot about him.” We have the confidence to win, and we want the ball in those crucial situations.

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