Cowboys Reveal New Injury to Star Receiver CeeDee Lamb

Dallas Cowboys player CeeDee lamb is currently dealing with a sprained left ankle that he suffered during a November 3 practice. Mike McCarthy, Cowboys’ head coach, announced the news and said that Lamb would not be able to participate in November 4 practice.

McCarthy stated that McCarthy had suffered an ankle injury and would be restricted today.

McCarthy didn’t provide any details about Lamb’s injury but so far, there is no indication that Lamb’s ankle will be a problem in Cowboys’ matchup against Broncos. Lamb’s condition will be closely monitored as game day approaches, particularly with Amari Cooper already recovering from multiple injuries.

Prescott Confirms He Will Play vs. Broncos Week 9

Dak Prescott, who was in Week 9’s media session, confirmed that he would be suiting up against the Broncos November 7. This news comes after Prescott was injured in Cowboys’ Week8 victory over the Vikings.

Prescott stated that he is feeling great. He had two weeks to complete rehab, recover and get all the information I needed to different modalities. “I had two wonderful days of practice, and I’m looking forward to Sunday.”

Von Miller will be Prescott’s opponent when he returns to the field. Prescott laughed when asked about the trade of the Broncos’ star linebacker.

Prescott smiled and said, “Yeah. I probably should’ve sent him a message saying thank you. But I don’t know if that was his decision.” “But yeah, this is a company and I think that right here just shows that there are a lot of things that happen in this game. You just have to remember this is a business first. He is a great player. I wish him luck over there Rams, other than when they line up against us.

The Cowboys expect Michael Gallup to be back on the field soon, even if Lamb has to miss some time. Gallup has been out of action since suffering an injury in Week 1 against the Bucs. Gallup’s status is unknown after sustaining an injury against the Bucs in Week 1. McCarthy described Gallup’s chances of playing in Week 9.

McCarthy stated that he wanted to see McCarthy get through a whole week, then assess it. However, McCarthy said that he thought McCarthy had a great week last week. We’ll see how it goes. “We’re still not sure where he is.”

Sports Illustrated’s Mike Fisher reported that the Cowboys expected Lamb to play Sunday.

Fisher explained that Coach Mike McCarthy called the injury a “sprained ankle” and it doesn’t seem to be a major concern at this stage. We’re told Lamb will be fine by Sunday. On Thursday, Lamb started the day with two receivers.

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