Cowboys named possible landing spot for Odell Beckham Jr. if released by Browns

Talk of Odell Bettham’s miscasting at Cleveland for more than a decade was never acknowledged by the team nor the star wide receiver. What now? The Cleveland Browns declared on Friday they will release the three-time Pro Bowl receiving.

Once finances are settled, the split will take place. According to Josina Anderson of CBS Sports NFL Insider, the two sides had been discussing how to convert his $8 million remaining salary into a base pay. This would allow another team to claim him.

Baker Mayfield and Kevin Stefanski were long supporters of Beckham’s inclusion on the team. However, the former is now dissatisfied behind closed doors and through ancillary sources such as his father or Cleveland sports legend LeBron Jim — his days wearing a Browns uniform are over.

So where might Beckham end-up in the event that he is waived or becomes a street free agent? These are some possible landing spots:

10. Eagles

The Eagles could add a disgruntled, expensive wideout to their team, but Beckham would be cut at no penalty after 2021. They also have the cap space and could use a proven starter in place of DeVonta Smith. Howie Roseman is known for his boldness and coach Nick Sirianni loves WRs. Perhaps they can talk themselves into renting a half-season with the possibility of storing a playmaker for next year?

9. Colts

Beckham may not feel right at home here but at 3-5 with T.Y. Hilton is always sore, and they could use another weapon to help Carson Wentz in their fight for survival in the AFC South. Their focus will remain on winning now, as long as Wentz remains at the center. OBJ would be able to target Michael Pittman.

8. Packers

We’re not sure they would welcome another headache after dealing with various forms of Aaron Rodgers drama throughout the year. Rodgers may be the host of the show. Davante Adams has been named the No. 1. However, Beckham would properly reduce Allen Lazard or Randall Cobb into secondary roles, giving Green Bay an important one-two punch for a title run.


7. Cowboys

This would be so spicy! Dallas doesn’t require WR assistance, with Dak Preston sitting comfortably in MVP conversation due to CeeDee lamb and Amari cooper. OBJ wouldn’t get a lot of work in such a crowded space. But Michael Gallup has been banged up, and Jerry Jones could view this like an Antonio Brown-to-the-Buccaneers kind of move: a luxury addition to a Super Bowl-caliber lineup. Odell could do no better than the America’s Team stage, before a possible return to free agency and possibly another chance at the Giants.

6. Ravens

Baltimore has been ranked No. Baltimore has been ranked No. Beckham could easily be upgraded to the other side of the field, taking away Sammy Watkins or Rashod bateman from their health. Lamar Jackson’s offscript style may not always mesh with Odell. However, Odell would still be able to stick it to Cleveland by remaining in the North.

5. 49ers

Although San Francisco has been quiet in the background, the team is hoping to regain the spotlight after their win with Jimmy Garoppolo. After falling in love with Beckham, they explored a trade for him. He would be a great upgrade to Mohamed Sanu and Deebo Sam.

4. Chiefs

They don’t have a lot of talent. One way to help Patrick Mahomes settle back might be to give him another big-play outlet. Beckham might be second fiddle to Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelly but K.C. Beckham throws it so hard that he’d still get a bump in the action. Remember, the Chiefs had looked at WR options before this season.

3. Raiders

Despite all the controversy surrounding this season, Mike Mayock is determined to make the Raiders a contender for the playoffs. They could use WR help to keep the AFC West in front with Henry RuggsIII out of the picture. Derek Carr will work hard to achieve his OBJ targets.

2. Patriots

New England is the place to be for discarded big-name veterans. The Patriots can offer him a decent role with Kendrick Burgne and Nelson Agholor being best suited for complementary roles. While the Patriot Way might not be the right match for everyone, the Patriots have the opportunity to gamble on Mac Jones. Bonus: Eliot Wolf, a front-office consultant, was the Browns’ assistant general manager when Cleveland traded Beckham in 2019.

1. Saints

According to reports, they discussed a Beckham trade before the deadline. They need WR help with Michael Thomas being out for this year. This is even more true considering Jameis Winston has been sidelined. Beckham may not be excited about the possibility of catching passes from Trevor Siemian and Taysom Hill but he is from the area so he would immediately become WR1 again, likely with a chance for a return to the market in 2022.

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