Video: Peyton Manning takes hilarious jab at Tom Brady for coming out of retirement

The hilarious war between Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady continues. Manning takes a jab at Brady this time.

Manning claimed that he had sent Brady a handwritten note and a bottle wine following his announcement of retirement . Manning then sent another message to when the seven-time Super Bowl champ announced that he was coming out of retirement. It had a very different tone.

“[The note] was long. Two pages,” Manning joked. “I mailed it to him, sent him a bottle of wine. He un-retires, and I’m like,’ I want the letter back.’ You got to read all these nice things, I want it back. I want the bottle of wine back, too.”

These comments were made one day after Brady made a jab at Manning about his new Instagram account. Brady, a veteran of the Metaverse, took the opportunity to poke fun at Manning. Although the Hall of Famer was not on the app before, he is well-versed in it.

Peyton Manning is roast by Tom Brady on a new Instagram account
Tom Brady had fun, just like he did so many times throughout his NFL career. Brady shared that he had joined Instagram with the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos former quarterback. He then took to Twitter to roast his most competitive rival.

“I already had an Instagram so I just unretired when it got boring,” tweeted Brady. “Welcome Peyton!”

Manning is new to Instagram. Brady, however, has been building his brand on the app. The Buccaneers’ star quarterback has 11.7 million Instagram followers and has made several important announcements via the app.

Manning has already 159K followers in just a few days after creating his account. He’s currently following only four people, including his brother Cooper as well as the NFL. Follow ‘peytonmanning to see Peyton Manning’s Instagram skills.


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