Look: Cowboys Star Pushing For Blockbuster Trade

The Dallas Cowboys are in a dire need for  receiver, after Amari Cooper was traded to the Cleveland Browns.

One Cowboys star has a solution.

Trevon Diggs (star defensive back for Dallas), suggested it on Twitter Saturday. Diggs would like to play with his brother, Stefon Diggs, the Buffalo Bills’ star wide receiver.

Trevon Diggs tweeted Saturday afternoon, “I’ve always wanted to be on the same team with my brother.”

Although it’s hard to imagine the Bills parting with their star wide receiver Stefon Diggs, maybe he will make his way to Dallas someday.

As rumors has been made about the end of his time at Buffalo, rising star Trevon diggs from Dallas Cowboys made a simple pitch to his brother Stefon. Dallas lost several receivers this season due to free agency, so the brothers were Pro Bowl players.

Stefon Diggs was in the news after he posted a vague tweet “it’s always business…never personal” without any context. Many speculated that he was commenting about the recent blockbuster Tyreek Hill trade. Others believe it may be a sign that his time with Bills is coming to an end. Whatever Stefon’s source, his brother with Cowboys added his thoughts on a possible Diggs-duo in Dallas.

Trevon Diggs, a former Alabama player, made waves in Dallas as the NFL’s leading interception-getter. Diggs, who was quickly eliminated in the playoffs, was able to attend his second Pro Bowl appearance with Buffalo. NFL fans were able to witness the brothers compete over the skills events as they faced off on the field. The AFC receiver was taking on the NFC defensive back.

Trevon Diggs clearly had a great time and displayed their competitive attitude. Cowboys fans now have a reason for Trevon to be excited about the possibility of Trevon Diggs being a daily showcase. Two key pieces of their offense have been lost to the Cowboys, Cedrick Wilson and Amari Cooper. The new rumors regarding Stefon Diggs could make for an interesting match in Dallas.

There are no rumours that Stefon Diggs is being considered for a move from the Bills. Fans still have fun fantasizing about the possibility during one the most wild NFL off-seasons ever.

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