NFL Rumors: Could Cowboys Target Odell Beckham Jr?

After trading Amari Cooper to Cleveland Browns , the Dallas Cowboys had lost  one of their best pass-catchers. Even though CeeDee Lamb looks poised to have a breakout season and James Washington will be an excellent addition, it still feels like they lack offensive firepower.

Notably, at this stage in the offseason, there aren’t many top-tier players available in free agency. The Cowboys need to at least get in touch with Odell Bettham Jr., who is still without a team.

It is not secret that the Beckhams are ardent Cowboys fans. There are clear ties, even though he was a former NFC East member of the New York Giants.

“All of my family grew up in Texas so they are all huge Cowboy fans. It has always been kind of a funny story with them as far as being in New York and them being in Dallas. I do not have any animosity, hate or rivalry with them,” Beckham said last season. “Odell Beckham Jr. could be on the move again, eventually. And if his family gets a vote on the future of the colorful NFL wide receiver?” reported Mike Fisher of Sports Illustrated. “His family would vote that OBJ joins the Dallas Cowboys.”

Beckham, a three time Pro Bowler, tore the ACL during a recent win by the Browns over the Bengals. His season is over… smart speculation suggests that his career with the Browns may also be over.

Beckham, a former LSU first-rounder, helped Cleveland beat Dallas this year and previously tormented Dallas as part of the New York Giants. Beckham recently posted on social media: “I couldn’t tell you why it happened, this one makes no sense.” This is not something I can question. But, I believe God has a plan for me and that He uses me for it. There are so many emotions.. I just need some ME time and healing. We are grateful for your Luv… we will be back soon.”

If “be back soon” doesn’t mean a return to his employer, then what?

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