Trevon Diggs Has Important Update Heading Into Sunday

If you watched “Hard Knocks” this summer, you saw the hilarious moment when Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs’ son met Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes is Prescott’s son Aaiden’s favorite player. But when the star-struck four-year-old actually interacted with Prescott in person, he mistook him for Patrick Mahomes.

This won’t happen again. Diggs, who was speaking to reporters ahead of Sunday’s Cowboys – Chiefs showdown on Sunday, said that his son knows now who Prescott is.

Aaiden Diggs might be certain who Dak Prescott really is, but his father has attracted the attention of Patrick Mahomes.

This is what happens when you are leading the NFL in interceptions (eight), as a second year player.

“It means that you are able to see what’s happening, and you understand what the offense is trying do so you need to be on top of him all the time,” Mahomes stated this week. He’s going to wait for his chance and most of the time he makes the catch when he does, so he is a great player. You have to pay attention on every snap and find ways to have success on him in other areas or on him in particular areas.

Three of the most prominent stars at Arrowhead Stadium’s Sunday event will be Diggs, Mahomes, and Prescott. At 4:25 p.m., the Cowboys and Chiefs will begin. ET on FOX


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