Patrick Mahomes Sends Clear Message About Trevon Diggs

The Cowboys and Chiefs will meet on Sunday in what could be the game of the Week. Patrick Mahomes must ensure that he does not make costly mistakes if he wants his team to win this weekend.

Mahomes stated that he will be more cautious about where Cowboys cornerback Trevon diggs is at any given time during Wednesday’s press conference.

Diggs has had an extraordinary season so far. Diggs already has eight interceptions going into Week 11.

Mahomes is determined to ensure Diggs’ total interceptions don’t rise to nine Sundays.

Mahomes stated, “When you have so many interceptions it means that you understand what the offense wants to do so you need to keep an eye on him at every moment.” He’ll wait for his chance and most of the time when he does, he makes the catch. This is a great player. You have to pay attention on every snap to see if you can find success in other areas or on him in particular areas.

Diggs has caused a lot of turnovers this season but his aggressive nature can sometimes cost him. This year, Diggs has been penalized with 10 points.

On Sunday, we’ll know who will win the chess match between Diggs & Mahomes.

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