Jerry Jones Has Brutally Honest Admission On Roger Goodell

Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner, was reportedly against Roger Goodell’s outrageous salary as NFL commissioner.

The NFL’s longtime owner has since made some changes to his mind.

Jones recently acknowledged that Goodell’s big-time salary is probably worth it for his Cowboys, which are currently at 6-2.

During an appearance on HBO’s Back on the Record with Bob Costas, the Cowboys owner was questioned about Goodell’s $64 Million salary.

Jones said to Costas, “I believe this.” “Those numbers are certainly large, as they appear on the surface.” Roger has been a great commissioner. They were big numbers back in years past when I was first involved in the league. It’s hard to know what a man with your talent made back then. We could certainly look back at where we are now, and I can see that those numbers have increased significantly over the years. Everything has changed a lot from what we used to see in the past. This is my opinion. Roger Goodell is an exceptional commissioner of the NFL, I believe.

The majority of NFL owners would agree with Jones.

Goodell’s salary can be quite high, but the league is doing very well so it’s probably worth it.

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