Tom Brady Gives Advice To Dak Prescott After Devastating Ankle Injury

Tom Brady gives Dak advice over season ending injury


Tom Brady knows a little something about a season-ending injury.


In 2008, Brady lost the entire year after Week 1 when he tore his ACL. Since then, Brady has won three more Super Bowl titles and is playing at 43-years old.


Dak Prescott suffered a season-ending injury on Sunday’s win over the New York Giants. Prescott suffered a compound fracture in his ankle during the third quarter of Dallas’ 37-34 win over the New York Giants. The injury required surgery late Sunday night, but the updates provided signaled that Prescott will likely make a full recovery.


On Monday, Brady made an appearance with Jim Gray on Westwood One Radio and most of the conversation swirled around Prescott’s injury. Brady said “it was tough to watch.”


“Every week, you see carnage in the NFL. It’s a violent sport. It’s what we sign up for,” Brady said. “It’s very difficult to see players get hurt and go through tough injuries.

Brady said that his part experiences make it easier to relate to others who experience these type of gruesome injuries.

“From my standpoint, when I see it, I appreciate the moments that I have out on the field. I’m very grateful coming off the field healthy and I’m very sympathetic toward the players that do deal with very difficult, career-impactful injuries like the one Dak had.”

As for the rehab process, Brady said it will be a tough road back.

It’s really tough. I think you’ve got to look at the injury in stages. This is the point where he just had surgery. He’s going to have to recover from the surgery before he can start to rehab. Once he starts to rehab, then he’s going to have to start preparing for the season and what his future holds. I don’t think you jump ahead too much. In the short term after you have the injury, there’s a lot of things that go through your mind. I know that happened with my knee.”

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