Former Cowboys Player Has Blunt Message For Dak Prescott’s Agent

Former Cowboy rips Dak Prescott’s agent


Everyone has feelings about Dak Prescott’s injury, but some are taking their hatred out on his agent.


Prescott suffered a compound fracture in his ankle during the third quarter of Dallas’ 37-34 win over the New York Giants. The injury required surgery late Sunday night, but the updates provided signaled that Prescott will likely make a full recovery.


Prescott was playing on a one-year franchise tag in hopes of securing a longer commitment from the team. Prescott was offered a five-year contract, but Prescott refused in hopes of securing more guaranteed money. He could have held out, but elected to sign the exclusive franchise tag.


Former Cowboys lineman Jason Hatcher is more upset with Prescott’s agent than the quarterback himself.


“First of all, I wanna just send my prayers out to Dak,” Hatcher said, via TMZ, before adding: “[but] that young man and the team around him should have never allowed him to ever touch the field if he didn’t have a long term deal.”


Even though Dak wanted to bet on himself, Hatcher thinks it was the wrong call.


“There’s no way in the world that his team should have allowed him to bet on himself during this situation,” Hatcher added.“He should’ve been in a comfortable situation with a long term deal.”“Now, he’s gotta start all back over again, rewind four years back when he came in as a rookie and prove himself all over again and he can play again and he can work through an injury or whatever.”


If the Cowboys bring Dak back on another franchise tag, he will get another chance to be on himself and get paid big time.


According to ESPN’s Bill Barnwell, Prescott could command nearly ⅕ of the team’s cap space in 2021.


“Prescott currently takes up 14.4% of Dallas’ cap space, but he would be in line to take up something closer to 18.9% next year. With a $175 million cap, $37.7 million is the equivalent of paying Prescott something close to $42.7 million on this year’s cap.”


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