The Cowboys X-Factor against the Cardinals, and it’s not Ezekiel Elliott

In Week 17, the Arizona Cardinals will play Dallas Cowboys. This is a crucial showdown between two opposing teams. The Cowboys are currently at 11-4 and the #2 seed in NFC standings. They are currently one game behind the Green Bay Packers. If the Packers lose another game, the tie-break would be held by the Cowboys if Dallas wins. The Cardinals, on the other hand, are in free fall after losing three straight and four out of six games. Before the collapse, Arizona was the top-seeded conference team.

The Cardinals are still a threat to Dallas, despite their losing streak. They still have Kyler Murray as quarterback, and they still have Christian Kirk, AJ Green and Zach Ertz, who are all good weapons. They are also a formidable defense. Although the Cardinals have been a run-funneling team for the majority of the year, Dallas’ key to winning this game is not Ezekiel Elliot. Amari Cooper is the key.

Cooper slammed the team a little before last week’s game. His point was that he needs more vision, especially in red zone. For much of the season, the Cowboys have struggled in this area. It seems that his message was heard.

Cooper’s best game since Week 8 against the Minnesota Vikings was Cooper’s. Cooper had seven catches totaling 85 yards and one touchdown. The Cowboys won the game over Washington by winning the second half. It was no coincidence that the Cowboys offense looked as good as it has in a while.

Dak Prescott had been attempting to force CeeDee Lamb’s ball down the field for some time now. Lamb is an exceptional player. This is undisputed. Dallas has a lot of weapons, so you need to spread it around. Prescott was connected with eight receivers Sunday night in the first quarter.

Ezekiel Elliott seems to have left the Cowboys’ offense. Although he is still a great running back, he seems to be losing his ability to run as a result of age and injuries. Tony Pollard, the backup tailback, looks like the future of Dallas. Pollard is the ideal size (6’0″, 209lbs), has agility, and has speed.

Lamb is the best wide receiver talent on the team. Cooper, however, is what makes this team tick. Cooper is a big catcher and goes all the way. Cooper is able to take a hit and pick himself up. Cooper is a great locker room guy and a great teammate. He is integral to the offense and unlocks all other aspects. Lamb’s attention has made Cooper and Michael Gallup the focus of a lot of media coverage. This is a matchup Dallas usually wins.

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