Former Cowboys Star Has Interesting Comparison For Trevon Diggs

The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Washington Football Team with a final score 56-14 on Sunday night.

Washington’s first drive saw the Cowboys dominate, and quarterback Taylor Heinicke made an interception to corner Trevon Diggs. This was Diggs’ 11th interception for the season.

The Cowboys could not have hoped for a better second-year corner. He’s now being compared with Hall of Fame players.

This is what happened Tuesday afternoon. Everson Walls, a former Dallas Cowboys player, said Diggs reminded him of players like Champ Bailey and Hall of Fame corner Champ.

Walls stated, “First, he is way faster than me and the way that he chases the ball reminds of guys like Champ Bailey and myself.”

Bailey is not among the top interception receivers Diggs has yet to surpass. The Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos former star had a career record of 10 interceptions in the 2006 season.

His career ended with 52 interceptions. Diggs has already accumulated 14 interceptions in his career, and this is only his second season.

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