Cowboys QB Dak Prescott’s serious message to teammates ahead of New Year’s Eve

In the last few weeks, there has been a surge in COVID-19-related cases at the NFL. Although the number of COVID-19 cases has declined in recent weeks, it is important to not be complacent. This is what Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Preston is telling his teammates before the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The COVID-19 epidemic didn’t affect the Cowboys as much as other teams. There were still some cases. The most prominent names among them were coach Mike McCarthy and Amari Cooper, wide receiver. Amari had some interesting thoughts regarding playing with COVID. They have been fortunate to avoid being ravaged by the Los Angeles Rams or the Cleveland Browns of a few weeks back.


COVID-19 is a deadly disease that can strike anyone. Dak Prescott understands this. After missing the playoffs last year, the Cowboys are experiencing an amazing turnaround and clinched the NFC West last Wednesday. It would be tragic if this season was overdue to a few players being placed in the dreaded protocols.

Prescott is enjoying a great season for his own. Prescott, the Cowboys’ most prized quarterback, is passing for a record 68.9% and rushing for an average of 280 yards per game. This leads the team both on and off the field. His performance is even more impressive considering he just returned from a terrible season-ending injury.

Dak Prescott deserves credit for being the Cowboys’ leader and keeping everyone safe this holiday season. It’s the right thing to take, for both the safety of the players and the season.

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