Murder hornets being killed by bees is oddly satisfying to watch

Video gives relief to many of murder hornets getting murdered


Need some relief and a good laugh. Check out the circulating video of Japanese killer bees killing murder hornets.


It’s definitely a weird video to take joy, but in today’s times, anything is worth watching. For those that hate murder and hate hornets, it will bring jubilee.


If only our lazy, honey bees knew how to stop these killing bugs. However, that’s probably a long way away. Actually, probably never.


Murder hornets are giant, mean-looking insects that possess a potent sting. Their queens can grow up to two inches long. They have the same look as bees, but are a tad more dangerous.


They are considered predators and have the capability to kill an entire honey bee hive in a matter of hours. In a sense, thousands of adult bees and helpless larvae can be left for dead.


As their name suggests, they are killing hornets that are native to Asia. However, at the tail end of 2019, they were seen in North America for the first time because, you know, COVID-19 wasn’t enough.


However, if the US can find a way to get these Japanese killer bees to take a vacation, they surely know what to serve.

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