This Cowboys-Packers Trade for Elite quarterback Would Be Insane and flip the NFL a complete 180

This would be the ultimate consolation prize.


Just a year after Aaron Rodgers exiled Mike McCarthy and he left the Green Bay Packers, the future Hall of Fame could be the next one out. After the Packer drafted Jordan Love in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, rumors have been circulating that this could be Rodgers’ last year with the team.


If that is the case, another global brand could reach out and that is the Dallas Cowboys.


If Rodgers is on the block, the Cowboys should pounce, especially since they are unaware of what is going to be happening with their own quarterback. Dak Prescott will play under the franchise tag until further notice and could bolt after 2020.


Rodgers could be brought to the Cowboys for a first and third round pick. Then again, it would be a hard sale for the Cowboys to move draft capital for a player that turns 38 in 2021.

According to ESPN’s Dan Graziano, the Packers are not going to realistically be able to move Rodgers this season. Graziano broke down the cap hit situation.


“Yeah, pretty much impossible at this point. If they were to trade him now, very hypothetically, it is more than $51 million in dead money on this year’s salary cap. It would actually add $29 million to this year’s cap. They don’t have that cap room to do it if they even want it to. If they trade him next year, you’re looking at $31 million in dead money. A trade of Aaron Rodgers out of Green Bay is pretty impossible this year, and would be extremely painful for the team next year.”

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