Mike McCarthy Had Brutally Honest Admission Following Loss

On Sunday afternoon, the Dallas Cowboys fell to the Denver Broncos at AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas.

The Cowboys had a six-game winning streak going into Sunday’s game. However, the Broncos outplayed them in almost every aspect of the game.

Denver lost to Dallas, 30-16. The final score was not as close as it seems. Before the Cowboys scored in garbage, the Broncos led by 30-0.

Mike McCarthy, the Broncos’ head coach, made a shocking admission following the defeat.

“Frankly, our team was outcoached and outplayed throughout the game. McCarthy said that Sunday’s defeat was the first time he felt like his energy wasn’t as high as that of his opponent.

This sums it all.

Dallas fell on Sunday after the Cowboys had played as well as any other team in football.

McCarthy and Co. are still in a good spot when it comes time to the playoffs, which is a blessing. At 6-2, the Cowboys lead NFC East and currently hold the fourth-best record.

Atlanta will be taking on Dallas next weekend.

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