Dak Prescott Puts NFL on Notice After Cowboys Get ‘Thumped’

Dak Prescott doesn’t believe that the Denver Broncos were the ones who showed the way to defeat the Dallas Cowboys. Prescott dismissed the idea that the Broncos’ defensive strategy could cause problems for the Cowboys throughout the season, as future opponents will borrow from Denver.

The Cowboys were held scoreless by Denver in the first quarter. Dallas did not score until the fourth quarter. Referring to the Broncos’ scheme, the Cowboys’ quarterback said that he hopes teams “play us like this for all of the year”.

Prescott replied, “No, I wouldn’t say so by any means,” when asked about a possible defensive plan during his postgame media conference. “I think that if you look at our Chargers game, there were only three possessions in the second half. So I don’t think we’re bogged down. To be honest, I hope that teams continue to play us this way for the remainder of the year.

“This was not a great game for us. This was not who we are normally, and we’re going learn from it. Coach said it well in the locker room. This is not a tape you can throw away. It’s a valuable lesson that we can learn from, and we move on. However, we have to take responsibility for any mistakes or failures to meet our standards and expectations. We’ll fix it up and improve.

Prescott was blunt about his assessment of the Cowboys’ performance and admitted that the team was “thumped by” the Broncos. Prescott also shared his honest assessment of the game, stating that the Broncos were “more prepared” than the Cowboys in the Week 9 matchup.

Prescott observed that “We were beat,” and that we were beaten in all aspects of the game, particularly on offense. “I couldn’t get going. We scored a few late touchdowns, but I never got started. We didn’t throw the ball and catch it as well as we usually do, and I made some mistakes. It wasn’t my best performance. This was clearly our worst performance of the year, and we owe that to them.

“It’s NFL, those guys get paid for this and play at high levels and they came here prepared for this game. They did a great job and it was the NFL. They did better than us and beat us straight up.

Although it was not Prescott’s best game, the Cowboys quarterback didn’t allow his calf injury to be an excuse. Prescott threw two touchdowns, 232 yards and one interception against the Broncos while only 48.7% of his passes were completed. The Cowboys’ quarterback, Prescott, said that a fourth down miss “pisses me off” but that he saw the opportunity to win the game.

Prescott said, “Yeah. I mean, those throws don’t bother me.” “Those throws are ones I have worked hard on, regardless of whether my feet move or not.

“It pisses off me when I miss a throw such as that. That’s a big fourth down in the game that allows us to keep moving forward and score a touchdown. It changed the way this game plays. If I do that, I believe it will change the game’s overall flow. We were able to keep the ball on fourth down.

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