Jerry Jones’ Quote About Blocked Punt Is Going Viral

Sunday saw shocking scores, including the Dallas Cowboys’ loss to the Denver Broncos by 30-16.

There was a questionable special team call during the game. Dallas was believed to have blocked a punt. However, the judge ruled that he touched and had possession of the ball beyond the line.

The Broncos finally took possession of the ball and were awarded it back. Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, made viral comments about the situation after the game.

Jones described it as “putting the cake in front of you and letting your finger get in the icing, then turning around and taking the cake.”

Jones spoke out about his immediate reaction to the terrible loss early in the afternoon.

“I thought they had an excellent plan against Dak, and executed it well. It took some plays for it to happen. It was inexplicable. They played an excellent football match against what we consider a strong football team, the Dallas Cowboys,” Jones stated via Machota.

Jones said, “I’ve seen them play well, so I know we can right this ship and play winning football.”

Dallas dropped to 6-2, but remains at the top of the NFC East.

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