Micah Parsons Has Brutally Honest Admission On Facing Justin Fields

Justin Fields, the Bears’ quarterback, will be facing the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday.

Micah Parsons seems to not be too concerned about the conference’s mobile quarterbacks.

The All-Pro replied to a question about whether Fields is faster that Eagles QB Jalen hurts. We just need to get them down.

When asked if Fields is faster than Eagles QB Jalen Hurts, the All-Pro responded: “None of them are faster than me so I don’t really think that’s a problem. At the end of day we just got to get them to the ground.”

The confidence of the young LB is evident. Why should he?

Parsons quickly established himself as an NFL force to be reckoned since his arrival on the scene. Parsons will show Fields why himshould be concerned at 1 PM ET Sunday.

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