Ex-Cowboys Quarterback Makes His Dak Prescott Opinion Clear

Ex-Cowboys Quarterback is fed up with the disrespect shown to Dak Prescott.

DiNucci played for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2020 season. He is tired of the expectation from his fans that he will play like God every single game, especially since he recently returned from a thumb injury.

“It amazes me the disrespect Dak gets on here. Completes 80% of his passes with no turnovers and people act like he’s supposed to go 47/51 for 537 yards and 6 Tds his first game back after breaking his thumb,” DiNucci tweeted.

After sustaining a thumb injury, Prescott was able to return to the starting lineup on Sunday. It was inflicted during Cowboys’ Week 1-loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In the Cowboys’ win over the Lions 24-6, he looked a little slow. But that’s to be expected after not playing in over a month. He finished with 207 yards, a touchdown and completed 19 of 25 passes.

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