La’el Collins throws shade at Cowboys in Bengals press conference

La’el Collins, a former Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman, seems very happy in his new home. Collins flew to Cincinnati just hours after the Cowboys release. Collins went to the mall and met with the coaches. He was also reached out by more than 10 team. The day ended with a dinner at the home of quarterback Joe Burrow.

Several Bengals were present for dinner with Burrow to share cupcakes and crackers . Collins stated that the cupcakes and crackers were what sealed the deal. Collins has been a prolific quote-machine since he joined Cincy. Burrow was the first thing Collins said to him after signing the agreement. “Your new bodyguard’s in town. No one’s touching you.” This quote quickly became a viral sensation.

Collins spoke more at his first press conference with Cincy media. Chidobe-Awuzie isn’t the only ex-Cowboys player to feel there are problems in Dallas. Awuzie, a former Cowboys player, told the media that he was happy to play football for a team of championship caliber and didn’t need bright lights.

Collins now claims that the deal was not about the money. It was about winning. This basically means that he didn’t win championships with his old team. He also stressed that he meant the “S” at the end. Collins smiles from ear-to-ear, and seems happy about his new team. It is a little concerning that two ex-Cowboys feel that Dallas’ focus isn’t always on winning championships.

It’s easier to envision winning a championship if the team you are on has just won the Super Bowl. Most people thought the Cowboys’ roster in 2021 was the best in a long time. Many felt that Dallas had a chance to make it in the playoffs in 2021. Collins didn’t think that this was the right place to win the Lombardi Trophy.

Collins was also asked about his feelings regarding facing the Cowboys in the 2022 season. He admitted that he did not know this was going to happen. He was much more kind to Dallas than he expected.

“Dallas that’s been my home for the last seven years. That organization has been special to me, been great to me. It’s no animosity. It’s nothing but love. I’ll be a Cowboy for the rest of my life. I gave them a lot. So, for me anything that’s not orange and don’t have those stripes on them when it comes game day, then at the end of the day if you’re in the way, you’ve got to get moved out of the way. That’s just the bottom line. It doesn’t matter who it is; it doesn’t matter where we’re at; it doesn’t matter what time we play. That’s the mindset each and every week from me.”

It will be fascinating to see what happens when Bengals and Cowboys meet.

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