Jerry Jones Shares Honest Admission On Weird NFL Rule

The Cowboys were penalized for blocking the punt of the Broncos this Sunday. It was deemed a muff by rule because a Cowboys player touched the ball briefly after it crossed the line of scrimmage. It was then returned to the Broncos for another set of downs.

On 105.3 The Fan, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke out about the NFL’s strange rule. Jones doesn’t like the rule about blocked punts as you would expect.

Jones stated via the Dallas Morning News, “It’s an odd rule because it rewards team that makes bad plays.” It’s important to remember that rule-making is about not rewarding bad plays. Imagine the kicker, instead of turning the ball over and just kick the ball to a defensive lineman, shanking it off and recovering like an onside kick. So, it is necessary to have two people make the play: the one who blocks it and the one who tries to grab it. That’s absurd. Yes, I did know the rule but had never seen it used when it was applicable to me.”

The Cowboys punt was “muffed” by rookie cornerback Nashon Wayne Wright. He admitted that he was responsible for the play and said “I know it shouldn’t be touched, but I was trying scoop and score and make play.”

Mike McCarthy, Cowboys coach, also commented on the bizarre play. He didn’t have much to add about the rule, unlike Jones.

McCarthy stated after Sunday’s match that “That would have been an enormous momentum play for us,” especially after the half-time break.

This Sunday, the Cowboys will be attempting to rebound against the Falcons.

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