Dallas Cowboys Reveal Major update About Michael Gallup’s Injury


After seeing their normally prolific offense almost shut out by Denver Broncos’ in Week 9, it is obvious that Dak Prescott will be adding Gallup to the mix to help him regain his swagger. Gallup was placed on injured reserve after the Week 1 loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He had a calf strain and was designated to return to IR Oct. 26, which gave him a 21-day window in which to be activated or revert to IR.

Gallup will be the one to benefit from it. He is expected to be back on the roster this week, and to return to the field for the Week 10 matchup against the Atlanta Falcons. According to CBS Sports, Gallup was “very close” to being available for Week 9. However, the Cowboys decided to give him another week of ramp-up work and to see how Cedrick Wilson Jr. had performed in his absence.

They weren’t desperate, so they didn’t press the issue — which was the case with all their IR returnes.

They were disappointed to lose to the Broncos in a humiliating match, but they are happy to have CeeDee Lamb back to their arsenal. While each player can stretch the field, Gallup is the most dangerous deep threat. His speed, physicality, and unique brand of football violence allow him to run past, around, and around defensive backs while also having the verticality and ability to catch high-point catches and force them away from other players.

“It would really, really exciting for Michael to get,” stated offensive coordinator Kellen Moon this week. He had high aspirations, but he has managed to deal with the injury. We are thrilled to have him back. We are going to see him do amazing things.

We’re excited. He’ll bring some juice, bring some energy and go make some plays whenever he has the chance. Because there is a lot talent in the room, he’ll be an addition to that room. We’re thrilled. They will take any opportunity that presents itself.

Jerry Jones also agrees.

Jones said that Jones looked good for Tuesday’s game against the Falcons. “… Michael does a fantastic job of catching long balls. This is something we really needed during our long passing game. You might have preferred to see him [against Broncos], however, that is certainly hindsight and it did not affect the way we played. It’s going be great to have him back.


“He is a truly, really outstanding receiver.”

Gallup doesn’t lack motivation once he is back on the field.

He’s in a contract season and has already missed seven games. This is the most he’s missed in his entire career (he only missed two games combined in his three previous seasons in the league). After seeing it in his absence, the Cowboys will need to remind him of his value going into the final season and possibly the postseason. The offense was stalled before Sunday’s Denver shellacking. Despite their six-game winning streak and Wilson’s stellar play, it felt like something was missing. Gallup will be back in uniform on November 14.

Gallup is the Cowboys’ highlight reel, and his chemistry is unmatched with Prescott. They will be able to get back on track faster, which will benefit them and make it difficult for others trying to match up against a Dallas WR unit that is fully recovered.

Gallup said that the “sky’s the limit” for the NFL Network during the offseason. We said that last season, clearly, there were some injuries to the team and other stuff.  We can explode, I believe. We can do whatever we need out there on the field, and just kill it.

“I don’t see anyone stopping us.”

It’s the perfect time to show that it is true, to get rid of the last week’s stench and to reestablish Gallup as an NFL force.

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