Jerry Jones Rips ‘Flat’ Cowboys, Questions Mike McCarthy


Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys Head Coach, dismissed the idea that his team had taken the Denver Broncos to too lightly going into Week 9’s humiliating home loss.

McCarthy’s boss was not content to raise such claims.

Jerry Jones, the general manager of the Cowboys, blasted the Cowboys’ “flat” and lackadaisical behavior in their weekly radio interview on Tuesday, November 9. Jones also criticized the Cowboys’ “overconfidence” towards the Broncos, the prime suspect in the 30-16 massacre that Jones and many others didn’t see coming.

“I didn’t think of beating myself up. … I believe that we let momentum slip away and it was reflected in our body language. You can’t focus on the physicality. Jones stated on 105.3 The Fan, “You can have what happened the other day.” “We thought that we were ready. …We weren’t ready, and that’s as flat a team as any I’ve ever seen. We have to get our act together. We didn’t let our home crowd get involved in the game as you would expect. We played what appeared lackadaisical.”

This loss is too pathetic to be called lackingadaisical. The Cowboys, on the verge of six consecutive wins, were completely absent at AT&T Stadium. The Broncos took a 30-0 lead and the offense was unable to respond. The defense failed repeatedly to stop the bleeding and was able to gain 407 yards total. The Special Teams blocked and recovered a punt and were then subject to the strangest rule in NFL history.

It wasn’t Dallas’ time. None at all. Any way.

But alas …

Jones stated, via Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I don’t think anyone of us believed we’d get out of there without winning Sunday.”

McCarthy’s decision to play the franchise quarterback Dak Preston, he of a newly-healed calf strain for every single minute of a noncompetitive affair, raised eyebrows.

Prescott completed 19 of 39 passes for 232 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. Both scores were recorded in garbage time, with the Broncos slowly easing off the pedal. Jones also deemed Prescott to have converted a 2-point conversion via ground, putting him at risk of injury re-aggravation. This prompts Jones to assess McCarthy’s handling on the $160 million signal-caller.

Jones stated that Jones was very careful about the long-term consequences of not playing Dak last Wednesday on 105.3 The Fan via Bleacher Report. “We were very cautious. It was a long-range idea. Don’t assume he will make every play when he’s in the game. If you are concerned about what it would do to your season if he has another injury, this is the right time to worry about it.

Jones was still thinking about Dallas’ Week 9 loss on Tuesday. However, Dan Quinn, the defensive coordinator, publicly turned the page towards Week 10, and the club’s matchup against Atlanta Falcons.

Quinn will be facing the Falcons for the first time since his firing as head coach. The 51-year old is not interested in retribution or nostalgia. He is not interested in discussing any hypothetical storyline.

“I have great memories of there and will always have them. I also think a lot about the cool things we did there – and there were many of them – and how it ended. Quinn stated Monday, via the official team website . “I will forever be grateful to Arthur (Blank, the Falcons owner) for giving me that opportunity and all the players I had to coach.

“But you guys saw yesterday’s performance, so there is no need to go back in time. There are some serious problems to be solved. “So I’ll be right there, right where my feet should be, going after it as hard and as I can.”

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