Jerry Jones reveals Dallas Cowboys’ real interest in Odell Beckham Jr.

This NFL season has seen the Odell Bettham Jr. sweepstakes as one of the most interesting underlying stories. OBJ was injured in Super Bowl LVI and has not been placed on a roster for the 2022 season. Despite this, there has been a lot of interest in OBJ throughout the season from many players and franchises.

The Dallas Cowboys have been mentioned more than once among those franchises. If Jerry Jones wanted to bring Beckham Jr. in, it would be easy. Jones spoke to them today on 105.3 The Fan, amid rumors. He stated that Beckham Jr. is someone Dallas admires. He said that if things went according to plan, they would be happy for him to wear the star.

“Odell is someone that we have all the appreciation in the world for what he is as a competitor. And (we) know that the Cowboys star on that helmet when he puts it on could look pretty good,” said Jones.

Beckham Jr. competed against Dallas in the NFC East his first five seasons as a New York Giants player. The Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams were his next two seasons. Beckham Jr. is a player who could make a difference in a team if he is healthy. OBJ has 531 catches and 7,367 yards with 56 receiving touchdowns.

The Super Bowl champion receiver is still unsigned. Beckham Jr. is now the most accessible prospect in the market, with the season over and the trade deadline past. Now it will be a wait and see if any team (including Jones or the Cowboys) brings Beckham Jr. in for a playoff push.

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