Cowboys Fans Won’t Be Happy With Shannon Sharpe’s Prediction

There is a lot of talk about Odell Beckham Jr. joining the Dallas Cowboys. Shannon Sharpe doesn’t believe it.

Sharpe stated that he believes the Cowboys have a 10% chance of signing Beckham on “Undisputed” today. Sharpe is skeptical about the possibility of a pairing because of talk of a “bidding battle” to land Beckham.

“If the reports are true, that there’s going to be a bidding war…for me, I don’t see Jerry [Jones] getting into a bidding war,” Sharpe said.


Jay Glazer of FOX Sports first mentioned last weekend the possibility of Beckham joining a “bidding battle”. He is expected to soon be free from his ACL injury.

Dallas is among the many teams that Beckham has been associated with, including the Packers, Bills and Chiefs as well as the 49ers, Giants, 49ers, Giants and 49ers.

The Cowboys aren’t denying their interest in Beckham, the 30-year-old playmaker. Mike McCarthy and Jerry Jones both recently expressed their affection for Beckham.

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