ESPN Has Proposed A Cowboys, Broncos Quarterback Trade

Trey Lance could be moving again.

Bill Barnwell of ESPN reports that the former number 3 pick could be exactly what the Denver Broncos are looking for as they look to get out from under Russell Wilson’s contract. The Denver Broncos may be looking to trade up from the No. 3 pick in order to avoid the Russell Wilson deal.

Would the Cowboys part with Lance only weeks after they acquired him for a 4th-round selection? It would be a good idea if they could get a linebacker that will help them compete to win the NFC’s top seed and get a portion of their draft capital back. Lance is third in the Dallas quarterback depth chart. The team may bluff that it won’t sign Dak Prescott for an extension, but they will. This will end Lance’s chances of getting a start.

Sean Payton and the Broncos would see Lance as a long-term project, and perhaps a replacement for Russell Wilson if they grow tired of him. Lance could be ready to play as soon as the 2023 season. His contract is a low-cost option with high potential for a team lacking both draft capital as well as cap space.

If you are the Broncos, and could use a young QB to develop behind Wilson’s 34-year-old self, it’s a question that’s worth asking. Denver’s offensive problems are unlikely to be solved by a young, developmental QB.

As they prepare to head to Arrowhead, the Broncos are looking to win their second consecutive game.


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