Cowboys Trade Proposal Would Bring Panthers TE Hayden Hurst to Dallas

After a 42-10 defeat, the Dallas Cowboys will have to start over. However, a trade could help them address their offensive problems. The talented tight end for the Carolina Panthers, is stuck on an uncompetitive team. Tight end is likely to be Dallas’ No. 1 priority.

Cowboys’ defeat to San Francisco 49ers is a clear indication that they need to improve. This offense was meant to be. On paper, the offensive line is one of the best in the NFL, but Dallas lacks talent like running back Tony Pollard or wide receiver CeeDee lamb.

Jake Ferguson, the tight end who is responsible for 175 yards of receiving and one touchdown in five games, is considered to be the “weak link ” on the offensive. He has dropped three passes in five games. Luke Schoonmaker, a second-rounder, and Peyton Hendershot are also struggling to make an impression.

Hurst, a 30-year-old tightend with proven skills who can block, make receptions and find the endzone. He has just begun a three-year deal with the Panthers. However, Carolina is currently 0-5. They are on track to have one of the worst NFL records.

Hurst, who was the Baltimore Ravens’s 25th overall selection in the NFL Draft of 2018, has played for several NFL teams throughout his career. Hurst spent just two years with the Baltimore Ravens before being traded to the Atlanta Falcons, where he had the best NFL season of his career.

Pro Football Reference reports that Hurst had 56 receptions, 571 yards of receiving and six touchdowns during 2020. Hurst had a good connection with Matt Ryan, the former Falcons quarterback. In his second year, Hurst’s performance regressed. However, injuries hindered him and limited his season to only 221 yards receiving and three touchdowns.

Atlanta let Hurst go after his rookie contract expired in order to draft Kyle Pitts at the 2022 NFL Draft. Hurst then signed a contract with the Cincinnati Bengals, which led the former South Carolina Gamecocks to the AFC North.

Hurst was due for his first big payday, and he got it. Carolina paid him $21.5 million over three years. He was overdue for his first large payday. Carolina paid him $21.5 millions over three years, per .

It would be interesting to ask the Panthers if they are interested in a trade, because Hurst has just started his contract. However, it is clear that the Panthers have a long way to go as a team and will require a lot of draft capital to build a strong roster around Bryce Young.

The Cowboys can take advantage of this if they feel it would be more beneficial to acquire picks while creating more cap space. The Panthers are unlikely to be able to get a high-level pick for him. A Day 3 pick could do the trick.

Dallas is in a “win-now” mode and having Hurst as a tight end can be incredibly beneficial. Dallas still has Schoonmaker and Hendershot as depth and can platoon Jake Ferguson, but Hurst is a more experienced receiver who can provide more experience in a relatively young area of offense.

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