Dez Bryant Says 1 Hire Would Guarantee Cowboys Super Bowl

Former Dallas Cowboys players and supporters have spent the last week contemplating how the team can get past the playoffs hump. Former Cowboys wideout Dez Brant believes one coaching change could bring them to the Super Bowl.

Bryant took to Twitter Sunday to see a suggestion from a former quarterback, CBS analyst Tony Romo . Romo was suggested as the offensive coordinator. Bryant replied that the Cowboys would win a Super Bowl with Romo as their OC.

Bryant stated, “I would love to win a Super Bowl without Romo on the field, but I’m confident enough if Romo were the OC for Dallas with the defense they have… Dak will win super bowl for cowboys.”

This is a high compliment for Romo’s former quarterback. This is a great suggestion, considering Romo’s lack of coaching experience.

Romo seems to have an aptitude for coaching, judging by what we’ve seen in his broadcast booth.

The Dallas Cowboys are at a loss as to how to return to the Super Bowl. They have lost to teams they should have beaten due to bad luck, poor calls and underperformance.

Part of it comes down to coaching, and Dallas’ head coaches have been subject to a lot of criticism over the years.

Perhaps Dez Bryant is right when he suggests Tony Romo could lead them to the Super Bowl.

He isn’t any worse than the coaches who tried but failed to get him there…

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