Dez Bryant Has Brutally Honest Advice For Dak Prescott

After their Wild Card defeat to the sixth-seeded 49ers, Amari Cooper attracted the anger of Cowboys owners and cowboys fans. Dez Bryant, a former Dallas wideout believes Dak Prescott should be held more accountable for the Cowboys offensive struggles.

“Amari Cooper is far from the Problem in Dallas so let’s get that straight…” Bryant tweeted. “If you really want to keep it a buck…Dak need to call up Romo and talk about how to read Defenses so he can understand the D weaknesses on how to utilize his weapons in certain situations..”

Prescott was not able to overcome the loss but Dez wants Dallas fans to know that it wasn’t a hateful attack on his quarterback.

“If you know football you know I’m not bashing..” the former All-Pro continued. Saying, “It’s too much talent in Dallas for them not to be playing yesterday or today….”

It is hard to believe that an offense featuring Amari Cooper and Tony Pollard, Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard could score only 17 points at home.

However, Aaron Rodgers and Co. were held to one touchdown by the 49ers defense on Saturday night.

Prescott performed well his first season after a career-threatening injury. The Cowboys can’t afford to continue to lose points if they want to make the Super Bowl leap.

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