5 potential landing spots for Cowboys WR Michael Gallup in free agency

It’s now that the Dallas Cowboys’ season is coming to an end, it’s time for us to look ahead. There are 21 Cowboys players that are unrestricted, free agents. One of them is wide receiver Michael Gallup.

This 25-year old is an amazing acrobatic receiver and had many impressive catches this season. A man this agile and athletic is susceptible to injury. Gallup played in only nine games this season for Dallas. Gallup was sidelined by an ankle injury suffered in Week 1. He returned to Dallas for Week 9. An ankle injury in Week 1 kept him sidelined until Week 9. Gallup then tore his ACL during a touchdown catch in Week 17. This knocked him out of the rest of the season, and probably beyond 2022.

The Colorado State alumnus had 35.5 yards receiving on the year and two touchdowns.

Gallup is expected to play at a high level next season. However, ACL surgery can be very time-consuming. It takes most players nine months to a year to heal. The WR will have a lot of incentives to get well as soon as possible with the prospect of free agency.

While we hope the Cowboys will be able to make room in their cap for Gallup, PFF believes that this high-flying receiver could get a four-year deal worth $55 million in 2022. Many teams would love to sign a man with exceptional route running abilities, good footwork and great separation.

These five teams should be watched out for Jerry Jones and Dallas.

Five possible landing spots for Cowboys wide receiver Michael Gallup, if he does not stay in Dallas
5. New England Patriots
The Super Wild Card Weekend saw the Buffalo Bills completely obliterate the New England Patriots. Despite Bill Belichick’s prowess, the Pats didn’t have much to celebrate at the end of the season.

New England was 17th among the NFL’s regular season receivers. Perhaps it’s because the wide receiver corps didn’t cause much excitement this year. Nelson Agholor only had three receiving touchdowns, and just 473 receiving yards. Jakobi Meyers only had two touchdowns, but had an impressive 866 receiving yard. Kendrick Bourne was the WR leader with five touchdowns.

Gallup is the only player that can give consistent downfield range and make contested catch as well as Gallup. New England attempted to do this by developing N’Keal Henry after drafting him as a drafte in 2019. But his zero touchdowns for the year shows how well that worked.

Spotrac reports that the Patriots have $17 million in cap space. It is a smart move to sign a man that Mac Jones, a growing Mac Jones, can count on. Belichick and Josh McDaniels seemed to be hesitant at times to let Jones run the ball downfield. Perhaps Gallup would be more trustable (at least until mid- 2022 when he is fully recovered) to give the Pats’ offense more flexibility in 2022.

4. Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta Falcons continues to struggle. Since 2017, they have not had a winning season. They haven’t had a winning season since 2017.

The problem with the Dirty Birds, however, is that while they have the talent, they can’t seem get the talent to perform in Atlanta. Julio Jones suffered injuries in his last seasons in Atlanta, so he left for Tennessee. Todd Gurley was a former powerhouse who couldn’t do much for the Falcons.

Their starting wide receivers right now are small names and have not helped QB Matt Ryan much. Russell Gage and Tajae Sharpe are not exactly the ideal starting receiver corps.

Although Atlanta had high expectations for Calvin Ridley’s return, his personal problems with mental health have prevented him from playing in the majority of this season. Rumours are circulating that Ridley and Falcons might part ways, leaving another vacancy.

Atlanta has a great talent with Kyle Pitts. But, even though you may mistake him for a wideout, he’s still an end. The Falcons would be a smart move to add a great receiver like Gallup. They’re currently over $2 million, but making large trades and releasing certain players would help them get where they need to go.

Gallup is capable of making elite contested catch over difficult corners in the NFC West. A solid, young player such as Gallup could make a smart, long-term decision, considering the Falcons won’t be able to afford Chris Godwin and Davante Adams.

3. Las Vegas Raiders
Las Vegas is a prime location for Raiders, given their reckless spending habits. They have $30 million in cap space this year. But will they make wise use of it?

Wide receiver has been a problem for the Raiders for a long time. Young players such as Bryan Edwards and Zay Jones had to step in after the abrupt and permanent departure Henry Ruggs III. Darren Waller was absent for several weeks with back and knee issues.

Vegas had one good thing: Hunter Renfrow’s season was undoubtedly his best. One man cannot do it all. DeSean Jackson is not a good candidate for one-year contracts. He is an older player that is tired. These short-term contracts can either attract guys who aren’t a good fit or won’t last. Gallup should be able to work for many more years.

The Raiders could really use a deep threat to increase their receiver base after the loss of Ruggs III. If Derek Carr stays …), QB Derek Carr could always use some extra help. Gallup might just be that missing piece.

2. Miami Dolphins
It’s safe for me to say that everyone in the NFL was stunned when Brian Flores was fired by the Dolphins. While we don’t know what the plans are for the coaching staff at the Dolphins, we do know they are currently the No. They are the No. 1 team in the NFL for money available and cap space. They can make huge moves to help their team’s future.

Jaylen Waddle, a rookie from Miami, was a huge success. Jaylen Waddle set a new rookie record for receiving receptions in one season. He had 104 receptions and 1,015 yards. This kid is a big-time prospect and has already had a season under his belt with QB Tua Tagovailoa. A team does not need one wide receiver, but a WR crew.

The Dolphins were royally screwed by WR Will Fuller. He was offered a $10 million contract for a year. He had four receptions for 26 yards, his final stat for the season. He played in only two games. Miami would be well served if he signed a better contract this offseason.

The Dolphins don’t need to worry about waddling being on his rookie contract. Gallup is an excellent option if Miami cannot get a major name like Adams and Godwin. You can find a lot of wide receivers available in free agency that aren’t as valuable as the Cowboy, and have worse injury histories.

The Dolphins could have Gallup as part of their big turnaround next season. You already know they love to spend money on talent, rather than developing it.

1. Indianapolis Colts
The Indianapolis Colts had the most embarrassing final game of the season, and it was not the Cowboys. They had to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars to make it in the playoffs. The Colts lost.

This team is full of promise, however. With a record-breaking year, Jonathan Taylor, running back, took the NFL by storm. Indy’s Michael Pittman Jr. still has two years left on his rookie contract. Apart from the Cowboys and the Cowboys, the defense was the best at creating turnovers. They have many pieces to the puzzle.

However, Quarterback Carson Wentz was not a good leader when the team needed him. T.Y. Hilton, who is also set as a free agent this year, had been dealing with a lot of injuries. Hilton may also be considering retiring. Indy should use the cap money he has saved up to pay for a major offensive threat, as Parris Campbell continues to suffer from cuts and bruises.

Gallup, a playmaker who can make crucial plays that could win them victories against the AFC’s toughest opponents, could be a great addition to their team. Even though Wentz wasn’t performing well enough, it is likely that the Colts won’t be willing to pay another QB contract. Wentz will need some help. We learned that Taylor is an amazing player, but running the ball every play was not enough for the Colts.

Gallup can make a huge difference and boost the morale of a corps that is losing many people.

Stephen Jones, the Cowboys’ radio host, stated that they hope to have Gallup back next season. If they don’t manage their salary cap, the wide receiver could be offered a large paycheck from one these teams.


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