Dallas Cowboys are a perfect landing spot for Tyrann Mathieu

The Dallas Cowboys find themselves in a difficult spot this offseason. They are being cautious due to financial constraints. Dallas must still address their secondary, especially the safety position. Fortunately, Tyrann Mathieu is still a free agent.

This has led to a disappointing start to the 2022 NFL season. It also included the departure of star wide receiver Amari cooper and Randy Gregory. Mathieu could be a good option for fans who are frustrated with Jerry Jones and Co.

Mathieu is a frontrunner to be acquired by the Cowboys or Indianapolis Colts, so it’s not surprising that Dallas may be interested in Jayron Kearse. Sometimes, players sign a prove it deal that allows them to do exactly what they want. If Jones thinks Kearse is too expensive, Kearse may end up with a decent paycheck in the next few days.

Tyrann Mathieu’s addition helps to reduce the potential loss of Kearse. Honey Badger was an All-Pro three times and was part of three Super Bowl teams. Dan Quinn would welcome his championship experience and pedigree. Mathieu is only one year older that Kearse and still has plenty of fuel left. Mathieu will be celebrating his third Pro Bowl nomination in 2021. This immediately legitimizes Cowboys’ secondary.

Keanu Neal, an ex-first round pick who played linebacker for the Cowboys last year, is reportedly keen to go back to his safety spot. This is one option for Kearse to be replaced, but does Mathieu have a better chance? Mathieu is the best choice, considering that the Cowboys may only be able afford one of Mathieu or Kearse. However, the Honey Badger can play both strong and safe.

Mathieu is a pro football focus player who has excelled in coverage over the past three years. Mathieu had a 76.4 opponent passer rating in 2021 and a 60.4 in 2020. He also scored 81.6 in 2019. Mathieu’s two most recent seasons have seen him accumulate 15 pass deflections and five tackles for loss. He also has 108 solo tackles.

Mathieu was able to pick off nine opposing quarterbacks during that stretch. He also kept his yards per play to just eight yards over that two-year period.

Mathieu is an aggressive player in the backfield and box. He would also help the Cowboys pass rush. Mathieu has accumulated 108 blitzes over the past three seasons and 12 pressures on quarterbacks. Mathieu, if Kearse is getting paid somewhere else, would make a great replacement.

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