Grim Update on Cowboys’ Pursuit of 8-Time Pro Bowler: Report

The Dallas Cowboys connected to one name in free agency for the past week. Cowboys fans want to see the Cowboys pursue a variety of players, but Bobby Wagner is the most popular. Leighton VanderEsch and Luke Gifford were already back by the Cowboys this offseason. However, adding Wagner to the mix would give Micah Parsons more freedom to rush the passer.

Wagner is a well-known name, so Cowboys fans should be realistic about their expectations of him signing. Although the Cowboys have been keen to sign Wagner, The Dallas Morning News says that a reunion between him and Dan Quinn seems unlikely.

Quinn was Wagner’s coach in Seattle, where they were both part of the Seahawks winning Super BowlXLVIII. Quinn’s relationship to Dante Fowler was cited by the team to be a reason for the hire of the pass rusher. This would seem to be even more significant considering Quinn coached Wagner for a considerable amount of time in NFL, and achieved the highest level of success.

The Cowboys don’t like spending in free agency and Wagner might be too expensive for them. This would require a shift in philosophy.

The Cowboys struggled to stop the run throughout the 2021 season. Wagner is well-known for disrupting and filling in gaps for opposing offenses. With Parsons beside him and excellent defensive line play, the Cowboys could have made significant improvements in this area.

Although Wagner’s thought was appealing, it seems like another missed opportunity for the Cowboys. Despite being second in the NFL for cap space at $26.9m, they are currently second in the NFL.

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