Dallas Cowboys Announce return timeline for wideout Amari Cooper

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari cooper will be returning to the team’s facilities after missing two games because of a positive COVID-19 test. On Sunday, the Cowboys informed the media that Amari Cooper, an NFL veteran, can return to the team facilities on Monday following his 10-day quarantine.

Cooper’s positive test was a significant issue for the cowboys’ offense. Cooper missed not only the Kansas City loss, but also the 36-33 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders  at Thanksgiving.

Cooper would only have to report two negative COVID-19 tests if he was vaccinated. The former Alabama Crimson Tide star had 44 receptions for 583 yards, five touchdowns and a total of 44 yards.

Amari Cooper will be returning to the facility on Thursday, but his productivity for Thursday’s game against the New Orleans Saints is at risk. After a ten-day absence, the Cowboys are worried about Cooper’s fitness.

Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, commented on Cooper’s decision to not get the jab Tuesday morning before the Raiders game. He spoke out about the negative effects of being unvaccinated on a team.

Jones stated via Jon Machota, The Athletic. This is a classic example of how it can affect a team. Individually, you can’t win anything. This is what popped us.

Michael Irvin, a former Cowboys legend, also voiced his displeasure at Amari Cooper’s decision to skip the vaccination.

Irvin met TMZ reporters in New York City, and didn’t hesitate to share his thoughts when asked.

Irvin stated, “I’m absolutely crazy about it.” “Are you joking?! A guy I know makes $21 million sitting at home, not playing. It’s crazy.

Irvin said that you must try to minimize any issues that could lead to a loss of a Super Bowl game or the Super Bowl.

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