Cowboys Reveal new game plan with Ezekiel Elliott due to knee injury Moving Forward

Ezekiel Elliott , the Dallas Cowboys running back, is still recovering from a knee injury. He was clearly limited in his 36-33 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders Thanksgiving game. NFL Network’s Ian Rapaport said that Elliott has a bone bruise and that the injury will continue to affect him throughout the season.

According to Rap, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones suggested that Dallas might “alter the game plan” after Elliott’s loss to the Raiders. This could also mean that Tony Pollard is involved in more.

Nearly the Cowboys game against Vegas saw Elliott and Pollard get the same number of touches. Elliott ran nine times for 25 yards, one touchdown, and caught six passes for 24 yard. Pollard rushed for 36 yards on 10 carries and caught four passes for 32 yards. Elliot scored the touchdown, but Pollard was much more efficient with his touches. It seems like Pollard will get more touches for Dallas in the future, at least for now.

Dak Prescott will be there, however. The Cowboys’ quarterback, Dak Prescott, completed 32 passes for 375 yards and two touchdowns against the Raiders. Although he didn’t throw the ball in a spectacular performance, it was not enough to win because Dallas’ defense was torn apart. The Raiders racked up a staggering 509 yards of offense. This brings back memories of last year’s pathetic Cowboys defense. The home team also had 166 yards in penalties.

Dallas has lost three of its four previous games, after going 6-1 to start the season. The Cowboys hold a strong grip on the NFC East, with a lead of two games over the Philadelphia Eagles. However, things are getting tighter after America’s Team seemed to be going away with the division earlier in the season.

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