Video: Skip Bayless’ Reaction To Cowboys Loss Is Going Viral

Thanksgiving loss to the Las Vegas Raiders was a devastating one for the Dallas Cowboys. While Cowboys Nation is all crying into their pumpkin pie today, Skip Bayless is the one who is crying most.

The Undisputed star and diehard Cowboys fan spent hours on Twitter venting his frustrations with the team. Bayless’ final response to the game has received the most attention.

Bayless is seen sitting quietly, staring into the camera and exhaling deeply in a video captioned “Me after THAT.” The 23-second video features Bayless not speaking a word, but he does cry. This video received over 3,500 retweets, and 7,500 likes within an hour.

Bayless’s pain is a favorite of sports fans, especially when he brags about his Cowboys. It’s no surprise that the video went viral.

It was the most heartbreaking loss that the Dallas Cowboys had suffered in recent memory. They were not in the lead and they suffered from a missed field goal, and a failed 2-point conversion.

Even though they didn’t commit a turnover, Dak Preston and Ezekiel Elliott weren’t able to keep up with the Las Vegas Raiders offense.

The Cowboys won the overtime game but were forced to play from their own 6-yard line because of a penalty. After a three-and out, they punted and the Raiders marched down and scored a field goal to win.

This one is going be sting Bayless, Cowboys Nation for quite a while – especially since they have several more days to stew it.

Skip Bayless’ Undisputed colleague Shannon Sharpe already started the trash talk to prepare for their next meeting.

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