Dak Prescott Revealed reveals his ankle scars on HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’

Hard Knocks is airing this summer on HBO and features the Dallas Cowboys. Dak Prescott has been the biggest storyline for the Cowboys over the last few years.

After a grueling start to the 2020 NFL season, Prescott broke his ankle in Week 5. Prescott’s contribution to the team was actually increased, even though the team went 6-10. After two years of trying to keep him from receiving top dollar, he signed a massive deal in the offseason.

Prescott discussed the injury in more detail during last night’s season premiere. He also talked about the two surgeries that were necessary to fix it. He revealed the scar from last year’s accident in one shocking moment.

Prescott explained that the first surgery was an open one. He and his team wanted to get in there and do what they needed. “I thought that I would be starting rehab, but I ended up having to go back under the knife.”

“We kept that down. “Nobody knew that,” he explained, explaining that he had undergone two ankle surgeries before pointing out a very ugly scar. “And then it was a wishbone.”

Dak Prescott suffered a minor setback during training camp. However, it has nothing to do with his ankle. Although he is still working on a should issue it doesn’t seem to be too significant. Just today, he ramped up throwing after looking good on Tuesday.

The team reportedly has “absolutely no concern” about his status for the Thursday, Sept. 9 NFL season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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