QB Dak Prescott is planning on getting another MRI

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott sustained a minor shoulder injury early on in training camp this summer, but the organization has maintained that he’ll be ready to go by the start of the regular season. However, a strange tweet from the franchise’s official Twitter account has somehow increased doubt that he will be able to play Week 1.

The Cowboys announced Wednesday night that Prescott would have another precautionary MRI of his shoulder this weekend. The Cowboys tried to minimize the fact that Prescott, their starting quarterback, was about to undergo another test when they announced the news.

It’s not a setback. It’s nothing to be worried about. However, QB Dak Prescott plans to get another MRI,” the tweet stated.

The Cowboys wrote a press release to try and carry on that optimistic tone. Prescott spoke earlier Wednesday with the media and reiterated his promise to be available by September.

Prescott stated, via a team press release, that “once I get back into the team setting I’m going to not think about my arm.” It’s all about making progress at the right moment. It was all good. Every throw that I made. You don’t want them to tell you to stop.

“Once September 9 arrives, I’ll be moving forward and won’t think about it again.”

While the Cowboys wanted to reassure their fans that their quarterback is still in recovery, the manner that the tweet was sent was troubling. Many NFL media personnel took to Twitter in an attempt to determine whether Dallas fans should be more concerned than they are.

Prescott’s MRI may be considered precautionary. He’s likely to still be able to play for the Cowboys in Week 1 despite the fact that he hasn’t had a MRI. The team’s Twitter account should be more careful about such matters in the future.

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