Cowboys Announce Cryptic Move with QB Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott will have a second MRI done on his injured throwing arm. The organization promises that this is not a setback ahead of the regular-season opener, Sept. 9.

It’s not a setback. It’s nothing to be worried about. But QB Dak Prescott is planning on getting another MRI,” the team announced as cryptically as possible Wednesday evening.

Prescott has not been able to practice since July 28, when he was diagnosed as having a right shoulder strain. This is a condition more common in baseball players. Dallas sought treatment advice from the MLB’s Texas Rangers. Prescott was then barred from throwing, and he sat out the preseason lid-lifter against Pittsburgh.

Good news! Prescott was cleared by the Cowboys’ medical team to resume light throwing Tuesday and Wednesday. There are still limitations. The $160 million signal-caller will be on a pitch and won’t throw at full strength until his appendage has been re-examined after the team returns home from Oxnard, Calif.

Prescott insists that these limitations will vanish in time for the Cowboys’ 2021 campaign against the Super Bowl champions.

He said Wednesday that he would not think about his arm once he is back in the team setting. This was via the official team website. It’s all about making progress at the right moment. It was all good. Every throw that I made. You don’t want them to tell you to stop.

“Once September 9 arrives, I’ll be moving forward and won’t think about it again.”

Stephen Jones, Cowboys’ COO, teased Prescott as a possibility during the exhibition period. This could be as early as August 21, when Dallas hosts Houston at AT&T Stadium.

“I’d say it’s not out of the question,” Jones said Wednesday, via the official team website. The question is, “When we get there, are we going to do it?” It’s simply that we have to make solid, sound, and solid decisions for Dak while we are here. It’s possible, but I wouldn’t rule it out.”

Jones reiterated that Prescott would be dealt with with child gloves in the lead up to the Tampa Bay showdown, regardless of whether or not he is seeing preseason action.

“I can understand why some people have questions about Dak. Jones stated that Dak is a great example of this. Jones said, “It’s a machine that works and he wants to get out there. He is driven. He wants to lead the team.

“We will be very conservative. You can see that he is going to be fine. This is just how you manage this situation.

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