Broncos Call Out Cowboys For “Disrespectful” Move On Sunday

In one of the most impressive results of Week 9, the Dallas Cowboys were beaten by the Denver Broncos.

On Sunday afternoon, Denver beat Dallas by 30-16 at AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas. The final score was not as close as it seemed. The Broncos took a 30-0 lead, and the Cowboys scored once more. With the game already decided,

Early in the game, the Cowboys were aggressive and went for fourth down multiple times. On fourth down, the Broncos defense stopped Dak Prescott’s offense twice in succession.

The Cowboys called the Broncos’ move “disrespectful” after the contest.

Wide receiver Tim Patrick of the Broncos called it “disrespectful”, and Teddy Bridgewater echoed his sentiments.

Bridgewater stated, “You take to the field with a bit of anger honestly.” It’s like they say our offense isn’t going to score or anything. We discussed it in the huddle and used it as motivation. . . . It’s one those deals that allows you to take the field, but with a little more motivation. It’s easy to see the difference today.

The Broncos’ “disrespectful” moves were a big help in the end as the Cowboys repeatedly turned the ball over to the Cowboys on downs.

With the win Sunday, Denver moved up to 5-4 while Dallas fell to 6-2.

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