Dak Prescott, other Cowboys stars savagely ripped by Michael Irvin after playoff debacle

Cowboys fans were quick to react to the Dallas Cowboys’ defeat in Wild Card Round. A Cowboys legend also weighs in — and he didn’t hold back.

Michael Irvin, Hall of Famer, appeared on the Stacking The Box podcast this week with FanSided’s Mark Carman. He called out his former team members, particularly star players Dak Prescott, and Ezekiel Elliot, for their performances. After trailing the San Francisco 49ers 23-7, the Cowboys battled back to make it 23-17 before losing the final possession.

Irvin was clearly disappointed by the loss and made this clear during the interview.

Irvin stated that “every team you look at, stars of the team showed themselves and played.” Your stars can’t play and you won’t win this game. Dak Prescott has a passer rating of 69. Ezekiel Elliott, 31 rushing yards. CeeDee Lamb, 21 yards in one reception.”

Fans are trying to find the reason why Cowboys’ season ended so quickly. Did it have to do with the play-calling? Was it the coach? Irvin says neither is correct. It was all down to the players.

Irvin stated that star players were playing role-model roles. “That’s why their butts are sitting at home.”

There was no shortage of people expressing their opinions about the dramatic end to Sunday’s Cowboys-49ers match. Scott Pioli, a former NFL general manager, pointed fingers at Dak Prescott and their preparations for the loss.

“This is why coaches teach situational soccer! Pioli tweet. “The ball carrier CANNOT place the ball after the play! This is why players are taught to HAND the ball to officials in a hurry. Everybody should be familiar with this rule, and every team should practice it! !”

Prescott and the Cowboys undoubtedly ran two-minute drills hundreds times in his six seasons in Dallas. Prescott also performed two-minute drills hundreds times with the Mississippi State Bulldogs. All that preparation was useless when the game was on the line, and the clock was ticking down.

With 14 seconds left, the Cowboys were out-of-time and Kellen Moore, Dallas’ offensive coordinator, called a quarterback draw to create a pass play that was better than a Hail Mary.

Prescott ran 17 yard to the San Francisco 24-yard mark. The Cowboys raced to the line in an attempt to spike the ball before time expired. It didn’t work out as Dallas snapped Prescott the ball with just one second remaining and Prescott spiked the ball in no time.

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