Jerry Jones Sends a Firm Message to Coach Mike McCarthy

Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner, has never been afraid of sharing his feelings. During his Friday appearance on 105.3 The Fan, he proved it.

Jones offered some interesting observations about the Cowboys’ coaching staff when he spoke out today. Although he didn’t name any names, it seems like Jones was mocking Mike McCarthy.

“Let me be real clear, one of the pet peeves I have is that I don’t like this, ‘Well we’ve got to work on this in the offseason, we got to work on this.’ I don’t go for that,” Jones said. “I want those things recognized and addressed after we play Tampa after the first game, or after we play the sixth game. I don’t want to wait until we’re sitting here with no season left to address these things we’re doing or not doing. All of that is in the mix here and a part of what I do. That’s the way I do it, as you know, the ultimate decision in these coaches is one that I have to make.”

McCarthy stated earlier this week that his number one priority in the offseason was to reduce penalties.

“Our No. McCarthy stated that the penalties are our No. 1 priority moving forward. “There were many.”

Jones’ comments on 105.3 the Fan suggest that he wanted McCarthy solve this problem before the playoffs began.

McCarthy stated recently that he is “full-speed ahead” towards the 2022 season. Jones, however, could make a change at any time if he wishes.

McCarthy’s record with the Cowboys is 18-15.

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