Mike McCarthy Has Telling Admission On Pregame Sunday

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy had a lot of questions to answer in the aftermath of Sunday’s team’s exit from the playoffs. His recent admission may cause some fan fury.

McCarthy recently admitted in an interview that he felt the team was nervous at the beginning of the game. McCarthy said that he felt it during pregame prayers.

McCarthy may be trying to deal with the disheartening loss. If he is telling the truth, it doesn’t bode well to the team’s future.

NFL fans are shocked that McCarthy would say such a thing. It’s yet another sign that McCarthy is not the right person for the job.

“This gives me absolutely no confidence McCarthy can ever get us to the super bowl,” one Cowboys fan said.

“Nervous, lol. More excuses…he needs to go along with Kellen Moore. And if we cut Coop, I am done. This scheme over player mindset on offense has to change. Kellen please take a Head coaching job.,” another fan said.

“The coach is supposed to calm down the players. Even when faced with adversity, create the right environment for success. “No excuse,” said a third.

The first year of Mike McCarthy’s Dallas stint as a helm was a disaster. It saw 6-10 losses. He seemed to have turned the corner, with the team winning twice as many games in 2021.

They looked utterly unprepared to face the San Francisco 49ers, and they lost 23-17.

McCarthy will be thinking about this for a while. The rest of the team will, too.

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