Cowboys Wide Receiver Admits He Couldn’t See The Ball

There were few faults when Jerry Jones built the playpen in Arlington that cost a billion dollars. One flaw is the sunlight that can sometimes shoot onto the field as the sun sets over Texas. Jones’ Cowboys were the ones to suffer from this flaw on Sunday.

Cedrick Wilson, Cowboys receiver, was blinded in the sun late in the second quarter. He missed a potential third-down conversion.

“It’s one of those things you can’t do anything about,” Wilson said after the game. “I turned around and couldn’t see Dak or the ball.”

Although Wilson is not at fault, this just added to the string of errors that led to Dallas’ Wild Card defeat.

From the jump, the Cowboys appeared unprepared. The 49ers punched the Dallas Dallas D in the mouth to begin the game. They marched down the field for a touchdown their first drive.

The final drive ended with a QB draw play that was completed without any timeouts. The Cowboys didn’t manage to reach the line in the time required to spike the ball at their 20 yard line, giving the offense one more chance to win

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