Jimmy Johnson gives harsh take on Dak Prescott’s playoff record

The Dallas Cowboys haven’t had the same success since Jimmy Johnson left. It’s been difficult to win Super Bowls. Even more so, it’s been difficult to win playoff wins.

Even with Dak Preston and Tony Romo as quarterbacks, Dallas hasn’t been able make the run that their fans have been waiting for. Prescott and the Cowboys added another chapter to the team’s history of playoff failure on Sunday.

Johnson then took to Twitter to make a comment about Prescott’s playoff record.

tweeted Johnson “A shame” about a stat that revealed Prescott’s playoff record during his first six seasons in Dallas.

Prescott’s playoff record fell to 1-3 after Sunday’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Ironically, this is the same record Romo had during his first six playoff seasons. It doesn’t seem that it matters in the playoffs, even though Dallas has seen great quarterback play.

Johnson understands what it takes for Dallas to win. Although Prescott is a talented quarterback, his inability to win the playoffs has been disappointing.

Prescott: ‘We definitely underachieved’
Dak Preston also had visions of greatness for 2021. Dallas had greater dreams than the Cowboys’ win in the NFC East. The Cowboys won’t be ending their Super Bowl drought. Instead, they will be watching the remaining playoffs from home.

Prescott felt dejected as he stood at the podium after the game. Prescott was overcome with disappointment and gave a summary of the Cowboys’ 2021 season.

Prescott stated that “We certainly underachieved and it sucks.” “Point blank.”

Prescott will be a popular choice. The Cowboys faithful believes that their favorite team has underperformed, and Jerry Jones must be wondering if he could have gotten more bang for his bucks. The team now has to start the long and winding road back to the Super Bowl.

Although the 2021 season was a successful one for Dallas, it will be remembered for its demoralizing end. It’s another chapter of heartbreak for Prescott, the Cowboys.

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