Former NFL GM Reveals What He’d Do With Mike McCarthy

Will the Dallas Cowboys be able to bring back Mike McCarthy in the 2022 season? This question is being asked by almost every sports talk show this week.

This Tuesday’s Get up edition featured Mike Tannenbaum, ex-general manager of the NFL, sharing his thoughts about the Cowboys’ coaching situation.

Tannebaum said that McCarthy would remain as Dallas’ head coach, even though it may surprise some.

“You want to be the head coach of the Cowboys, be more disciplined. And if you don’t have a different process, the results are not going to change,” Tannenbaum said on ESPN’s Get Up. “I think the easy answer is to fire him. But the best way to manage him is to make sure that you change your process, you hold him accountable, and you give him a chance to make a change.”

Stephen Jones, Cowboys executive vice-president, stated that he was “very confident” McCarthy will continue to be the team’s head coaching for the 2022 season.

McCarthy’s first two seasons with Cowboys saw him record 18-15.

McCarthy was a great coach for the Cowboys during the regular season. However, the Cowboys looked ill-prepared and disorganized at times against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

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